Where are they now

It doesn’t seem five minutes since we were able to share the exciting news that Harefield Barn’s chief trouble maker, Holly, had become mummy to three beautiful little pups.

Well just look at them now!  We are absolutely delighted to have found fabulous homes for all three, where they will not only be loved to bits as family pets, but have the active sort of lives that terriers need to keep them out of too much mischief.

First born was Roo.  She’s turned out to have longer legs (like her Dad!) although her black and white colouring is just like Holly’s Mum.  She now lives not far away with a young couple called Doug and Nina and is having the time of her life being Doug’s workmate.  Doug works as part of the team from Clare Cut Gardens, and by the looks of their instagram feed, Clare Cut Gardens, Roo has become the site foreman, but agrees to help out with digger work and with brushing out the pointing!

The second of the trio is Hazel.  She has a beautifully shiny short dark coat and now lives in Dorset with our son Sam, his partner Hetty and her new ‘bestie’, their black labrador, Pepper.  Sam and Hetty both work for Langham Estates, where Sam is on farm duties, and Hetty works in theLangham Wine Estate side of operations.  The winery has just been awarded top prize in the very prestigious International Wine and Spirit Competition for their Sparkling Wine, beating off competition from some of the best French champagne houses.  Needless to say, this has meant it’s full steam ahead in the office processing orders, and young Hazel is yet again very much part of the team – having now been promoted from cardboard box to bed! It will be lovely (once restrictions have eased) that Hazel and Holly will be able to get together fairly regularly and we’ll get to see Hazel as she grows.

Hazel in a Langham Box

Hazel helping in Langham Wine Estate Office

Last but not least is Rusty. As a tiny pup he was like a little clockwork square, but as with all three of them, their noses have grown longer with age, and he now looks remarkably like his Mum.  Happily settled into family life just a few miles away and with two little girls to play with when they’re not at school, Rusty also has an important day job ‘helping’ owner Donna at Steve Yeandle Contracting.  Although he looks very little beside all the big farm machinery, it seems the smaller the dog, the more they rule the roost.  Donna tells me that Rusty only has to make the slightest whimper to end up in pride of place on Steve’s lap while he attends to important research!

Steve reading the Farmers Weekly with Rusty

What a lucky lot of pups they are, and how fabulous for us to see them all so happy in such great homes.  Would we do it again?  …well possibly. Holly was such a fantastic Mum and looked after them beautifully, but this has been a pretty exceptional year giving us the time to take care of Holly and the puppies properly.  In a ‘normal’ year it would be harder to do that, and we would want to be as sure as we could possibly be that another litter would end up with similarly great owners.  Definitely, not for a year or so.  In the meantime, Holly is back to her usual self; under the illusion that she’s in complete control of the vermin around the farm, but curious as to what’s happened to those Sunday mornings when she used to run down to the Barn and see if there were any crumbs she could ‘hoover’ up from the Saturday celebrations.  Of course, the best days  as far as she’s concerned, were when there had been an evening hog roast or pizza van outside with plenty of overlooked ‘droppings’!  Those fun-filled weekends will be back soon, and we’re ALL looking forward to that!

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