Q: Can I use candles in my decorations?

A: To ensure the safety of your guests, we are not insured for you not to use real candles for your wedding. 

However, we have a large selection of battery operated candles available so that you can achieve the same effect without the worry! Just ask when you contact us.

Q: Can we throw confetti?

A: We understand that a shower of confetti is most definitely a traditional and fun part of your wedding day and makes for great photographs, so of course you can! However please ask all your guests to make sure any confetti is biodegradable and preferably a natural product, for example dried rose petals. We wouldn’t want anyone to be faced with stain marks that we were unable to shift!

Q: Do you have any overnight accommodation?

A: We do not have any accommodation ourselves. However there are lots of alternatives you might consider.

  • Why not set yourselves up a ‘tent village’ in the enclosed meadow adjacent to the Barn for your guest to camp – this can either be by using your own tents, motor homes or caravans, or by using a company who will administer and carry out the whole process for you. You may be able to arrange access to some of the facilities in the building, by arrangement. Please ask us for details.
  • Take advantage of some of the local bed and breakfast or self-catering facilities
  • Use one of our recommended taxi services to relay your guests on the brief journey to Exeter where they can access a full range of hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.

Details of some of the facilities mentioned can be found on our suppliers page.

Ready, get set, Go!

The waiting is over! 

The construction of Harefield Barn is complete and the excitement begins!