Q: Is it easy to find you?

    A:  We are just ten minutes from Exeter and about 5 minutes from the main Exeter to Crediton road, so yes, we are easy to find, but PLEASE make sure you follow the directions given on our Contact Us page.  If you use SAT NAV and a postcode alone, some systems seem to take people on a magical mystery tour of the area! You can also use a google maps pin.


    Q: How many people can you fit in?

    A: We have twelve 5'6" round tables which seat up to 10 per table, along with 120 Chivari Chairs with cream seats, all of which are included in your hire.  Along with a top table, this allows you to seat  128 or so very comfortably.  You can fit more around each table, hire in trestle tables or additional round tables if you wish, but this might restrict your ability to have a separate top table and make things a little tight!  It is always a good idea to check with your caterers how much room they need around the tables.  If you are having a buffet or barbecue where you might not choose to provide tables and chairs for everyone, then these numbers would increase, and we can have up to 300 with standing room only


    Q: Can we throw confetti?

    A: We understand that a shower of confetti is most definitely a traditional and fun part of your wedding day and makes for great photographs, so of course you can! However, we are finding that even when couples bring dried flower petals, it turns out that they have been dyed, which can stain the terrace. For this reason we have now decided that for all new bookings, we must ask you to buy your confetti from us.  We will source a supplier who we can be sure does not dye their product and will offer it to you for cost price. CONFETTI CANONS ARE EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN.  Please ensure your guest do not bring their own confetti or confetti canons, as if canons are let off, you may be liable to an additional cleaning charge.


    Q: Do you have any overnight accommodation?

    A: We do not have any accommodation ourselves. However there are lots of alternatives you might consider.

    • Why not set yourselves up a ‘tent village’ in the enclosed meadow adjacent to the Barn for your guest to camp – this can either be by using your own tents, motor homes or caravans, or by using a company who will administer and carry out the whole process for you. You may be able to arrange access to some of the facilities in the building, by arrangement. Please ask us for details.
    • Take advantage of some of the local bed and breakfast or self-catering facilities
    • Use one of our recommended taxi services to relay your guests on the brief journey to Exeter where they can access a full range of hotels and bed and breakfast establishments.


    Q: Can I bring my own decorations?

    A: Of course!  We do our best to be a completely flexible venue, allowing you to use your own ideas to create your perfect day, so everything from flowers and bunting to fairy lights and blankets to keep you warm around the fire pit are welcome.


    Q: How do I hang my decorations on the beams as they are very high?

    A: We have attached some beautiful hand-forged hooks on the beams to help with this, and we provide you with a lightweight pole which you can use to reach without the need for ladders etc.  There are also wooden pegs on the horizontal beams at both ends of the Main Hall for you to use, and you're welcome to hang garlands, bunting, lights etc from the extra long vintage ladder on the wall.  More details and measurements can be found on the Floor Plan page of the About us Tab by following this link ...https://www.harefieldbarn.co.uk/about-us/floor-plan


    Q: Can I use candles in my decorations?

    A: To ensure the safety of your guests, we are not insured for you not to use real candles for your wedding. 

    However, we have a large selection of battery operated candles available so that you can achieve the same effect without the worry! Just ask when you contact us.


    Q: How do I 'turn around' the room ready for dancing after our meal?

    A: Once you have decided how many tables you would like to remove, it really doesn't take as long as you might think to make it happen!  It's usually a joint effort between the caterers who will be clearing the decorations, glasses, dishes, cloths etc., and ourselves stacking away the chairs and tables.  As with most things 'Many hands make light work', so if any of your party are willing to 'pitch in' (the groomsmen are usually very happy to do so!) then it takes very little time to achieve.  We are also happy to employ staff to help, but there will be a charge for this.


    Q: Does the bar take card payments?

    A: We are currently using LAP Food and Bars to run the bar for us, and they do have facilities for you to pay for your drinks by card.  


    Q: Do you have internet access?

    A: We do have Wifi in the Barn, but due to our countryside location, the band width is limited, so we cannot offer it to all your guests as it could affect the music systems etc.  It can be provided in an emergency or for your musicians to use if they are streaming music live.  Perhaps it's the perfect opportunity to have an 'unplugged' day, with everyone putting away their phones and simply enjoying the moment! 


    Q: Can hired items be delivered prior to my event?

    A: Choosing Extended Hire allows you the freedom to be more flexible for your suppliers to deliver their items.  However, please be aware that if your items are delivered or collected out of your hire times, we may have to locate them outside the Barn where they will be subject to weather conditions and we cannot guarantee their safety.


    Q: Can I have a firework display at my event?

    A: You certainly can!  Our location is perfect for a spectacular display and we've had some absolutely fabulous ones!  If you would like to find out more - take a look at the website for great local firework specialists Sonic Fireworks http://sonicfireworks.co.uk. PLEASE NOTE: You are not allowed to set off your own fireworks - this must be carried out by a registered company with the required safety certification.


    Q: Can I provide my guests with a 'help yourself' tea and coffee table in the evening?

    A: Yes, but due to the risk of boiling water being spilled, we do not allow you to use an urn in the Main Hall.  We have a 4 litre insulated pump action jug available for hire at £5 which can be filled from the instant hot water boiler in the kitchen to ensure your guests stay safe. You might also like to take a look at the beautiful vintage china we have available to hire.  Please remember that if you choose this option, there needs to be someone to clear away dirty china and replenish your milk etc.  Harefield staff are happy to re-fill the insulated jug with boiling water from the kitchen as required.


    Q: Do I use the same chairs for everything?

    A: We have two sets of chairs, namely 120 natural wood Chivari chairs with cream cushion pads and 100 dark wood folding chairs with cream/grey seat pads.  It's up to you how you choose to use them, but we have found that using the same chairs for your outdoor ceremony and your meal works very well, as it's probably quicker and easier to just bring them in from the terrace and put them around the tables than put them away in the store cupboard!


    Q: Do your prices vary for a weekend or mid-week wedding?

    A  It is extremely important for us to keep the very personal and bespoke nature of Harefield Barn, so we have decided that we will offer an extended hire period only.  By doing this, couples have the chance to decorate the Barn themselves should they wish, and it makes for a much more relaxed and enjoyable experience all round!  If you would like to use your own suppliers for everything (or just some elements of your day), the extended hire period also allows a great deal more flexibility for their deliveries and collections, in turn, giving you more choice.

    Hire periods will be from 9 am on Tuesday until 10.30 am on Thursday for mid-week weddings, and 9 am on Friday to 10.30 am on Sunday for weekend weddings.

    Get in touch via the Contact Us page  https://www.harefieldbarn.co.uk/contact-us  for pricing details and available dates. 


    Q: Can I arrange for a coach to transport my guests?

    A:  Sadly, our turning off the country lane is not quite wide enough to enable full size coaches to get right to the Barn.  However, we do have space for them to turn in the farmyard, so your guests could be dropped off in the lane and walk the last couple of hundred metres (make sure they bring suitable shoes and coats for a stone track!!).  

    Mini-buses, however, would not have a problem, so that might be the easier choice to take!


    Q: Will taxis collect from Harefield Barn?

    A: They are very happy to collect from Harefield, but due to our country location, we recommend that you pre-book taxis before your event to make sure you don't have a long wait.



    Lindsey & Owen - August 2020

    Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank-you for helping to make our day so special. I have often heard people say that their wedding day was the best day of their lives and never previously paid any attention. How right they are! Our day was so unbelievably special and you helped us achieve our dream.

    Lindsey & Owen