Floor Plan



Floor Plan



Here are some of the other dimensions you may need whilst planning your decorations…

Ladder - The long ladder above the storage cupboard doors is approximately 8.5 m long.

Beams - The beautiful scissor beams and drop posts have hooks at the base so you can loop your decorations using a lightweight extendable pole from ground level.

There are five sets of beams (numbered 1 to 5 starting from the Balcony end).  The first two sets (beams 1 and 2) are 2.5 m apart, the rest (beams 2,3,4 and 5) are 3.1 m apart.

The distance straight across the hall between the hooks is approximately 8.8 m, and the diagonal distance between each set about 9.4 m, except of course between sets 1 and 2 which is about 9 m.

None of these measurements take account of any ‘droop’ you might want to have or taking lights/bunting up to the top hooks on the drop posts.To simplify - if you want to hang bunting/lights from hook to hook across the width of the hall (as shown in one of the photos below) you will need 8.8 - 9 m per width.

Pegs - Wooden pegs are fixed into the horizontal beams at each end of the Main Hall, again for you to attach/loop your decorations around.  There are 7 in the beam beneath the Balcony and 5 in the beam that divides the big window.

GableWindow (and horizontal beam above) - 6 m wide

Balcony (and horizontal beam below) - 8.2 m wide

Internal front door (with pegged beam above) - 2.48 m wide

Side Ledges/cills in The Tallet - 7 m long each

French Windows/Door in The Tallet - 1.45 m wide

The Clock House - 4 m square

Beams showing tape measuring distance across hall

Scissor Beams

Beams showing Hook positions

Cristina and Mike - June 2019

Had our wedding on Saturday and it was perfect! Harefield is such a beautiful place and everyone said how wonderful the views were and how it was the most relaxed wedding they’d ever been too!! Deborah and Robert were wonderful all day, so calm and made our day run perfectly!!! 

They couldn’t have done enough for us - we both highly recommend Harefield for your wedding!!

Cristina and Mike