Waiting Game

A little while into lockdown I was contacted by Brandon Apps, a local filmmaker and photographer who asked if he could come to Harefield Barn and make a short film. 

Like most people in the wedding industry, his busy season had completely disappeared due to the coronavirus pandemic, and in spite of working two other jobs, he found himself with time on his hands to hone his filmmaking skills. AppsWeddings.com or  https://www.facebook.com/AppsWeddings

Bran said he had been inspired by one of my instagram posts contrasting just how quiet the Barn was this year compared to last, and we were delighted to welcome him and his friend Ben Rogers, who acted as editor and has extensive sound knowledge, to spend some time filming and recording whilst the place is empty.

The result is this wonderfully atmospheric short film which captures that feeling of waiting so well.


Sadly, the government restrictions mean that Harefield Barn remains a place of quiet reflective beauty.  With so many other sectors of the hospitality industry now able to open up, it’s hard not to feel a little left behind, and, OK, I confess, grumpy about it!  However, we completely understand the need to keep everyone as safe as possible, and so will, of course continue to follow the guidance given.

And in the meantime, ‘the waiting game’ continues, but we can’t tell you how much we are  looking forward to Harefield Barn  being filled with noise and fun again at some simply amazing parties just as soon as we possibly can!

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