The Leveret Suite

A special place for ... well just about anything!

When we designed Harefield Barn, I remember having rather a ‘lengthy discussion’ with the men in my life about the size of this special room I wanted to create.  “But isn’t it just for the bride to get ready in?” they said.  And of course, they’re right, but I knew that it would become so much more than that.

Seven happy bridesmaids in bright rusty orange dresses

Time to Prepare It still gives me such pleasure the evening before a wedding day when I check the Leveret Suite when closing up for the evening.  The Bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses are hanging on the ladder, the fridge is full of snacks and fizz, and all the personal items of jewellery, hair accessories and shoes are laid out with love and care ready for the big day tomorrow.


Fun and Laughter with your Besties And on the day itself… well all that peace and calm might be gone, but The Leveret Suite is just a great place to be with all your best buddies, chatting, laughing and relaxing whilst the hair and makeup experts work their magic, and, just occasionally, the gents get a look in too!  There’s plenty of space and light for everyone, and don’t forget the photographers in amongst it all, capturing the special moments amongst the mayhem. (We see you Vince!)

And when you’re ready? This beautiful room then becomes the perfect place to take portrait shots of the bride, to rehearse  your entrance line up, and finally the big reveal to that special person in your life at which point there’s not a dry eye to be seen! This room sees a lot of tears – tears of anxiety, tears of emotion and tears of joy, but every tear becomes a precious memory to treasure.

Brides father and family seeing her dressed in her gown for the first time.

And breathe … After all the frantic activity of the morning preparations, and after the ceremony, The Leveret Suite is reinvented again, to become a place of sanctuary for the happy couple to take a few precious moments to themselves, for the bride tribe to touch up their make-up, or the bride herself to undertake that rather tricky manoeuvre when nature calls in large wedding gown!

When Evening Comes And as the evening party gets into full swing the room changes yet again; you might find it occupied by a Mum making the most of a tranquil spot to feed her distracted baby, a toddler asleep in a travel cot, or even granny enjoying a quiet cup of tea!

Yes, The Leveret Suite is the ‘bride’s getting ready room’, but it is also much, much more!

With thanks to some of the fabulous photographers


Bridal portrait of a bride in a beautiful bespoke lace dress with royal blue silk underlay.

Father of the bride admiring his daughter in her wedding dress

Detail of bridal bouquet and shoes on bride's veil

Two little bridesmaids in white dresses looking out of the window at the view

Bridesmaid fixing mother of the bride's hat

With thanks to some of the fabulous photographers whose pictures are included here:

Alex Toze

Catherine Spiller

Hannah Frost

Nick Walker

Kathryn Clarke-Mcleod

Helen Court

Cindy Rose

Mark from Evolve

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