The Tallet – a great new space now included!

Some of you observant types probably noticed from the floor plan shown on the website that we had a huge plant and storage area upstairs above the Bar.  This has always seemed a massive ‘waste’ of space, so we decided to look into ways we could incorporate it better into the building.

We could use it as a room for up to 80 people with only one exit, but we really weren’t happy that we would be able to keep all our guests completely safe under those circumstances.  So after redesigning the entrance, moving boilers, and adding an external staircase, we put in an application to the planners asking to change the use of this space, and we are delighted to say it has been approved.

And so………The Tallet is born!  This large room has a completely different, more intimate feel than the Main Hall or Balcony and brings huge flexibility to Harefield Barn.  It is licensed for marriages seating up to 100 people, and would be perfect for an atmospheric ceremony with low twinkling lights. (Don’t worry all you Registrar’s out there, we’ve made sure there is a plug in the floor to add a lamp so you can see what you’re doing!)

The Tallet could also be used as a great children’s entertaining space, somewhere for the band to have their break between sets, or perhaps setting up a casino or games room?  It’s uses are endless, and we’re sure it will be a great addition to your wedding or event at Harefield Barn.

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