New Arrivals

Holly + her three puppies

We thought this summer was going to be full of amazing weddings and we would be so busy looking after couples that we wouldn’t know which way to turn.  However, as time went on, it became clear this was not to be the case.

Knowing things were going to be a bit more peaceful and we would have the time to look after her properly, we thought this might be the perfect opportunity to keep Holly busy instead!

Having carried on as normal for the 9 weeks of her pregnancy, on Sunday Holly started to show some distinctive changes in behaviour so we knew something was up.  We had a houseful of family and other dogs over the weekend, so we thought she was more likely to ‘hang on’ until peace returned, but obviously her body thought otherwise!

And so it was that a couple of nights ago she gave birth to three little squeakers;  two girls and a boy.  She’s proving to be a wonderful Mum, hardly daring to leave their side, so we needn’t not have worried on that score, and it was a real treat for our son and is girlfriend to be here, as one of the puppies will be going to live with them in due course.

I can’t wait ‘till their eyes open (usually between one and two weeks old) and watch as they start to develop their own little characters.  I’ll try very hard not to bore you with too many pictures of their progress on Instagram – but I’m not promising anything!

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