Last minute – or is it…? Don’t miss our very Special Offer

We’re having a wonderful time at the moment showing potential new couples around Harefield Barn and talking about what we have to offer for their special day.  However, it seems that nearly everyone who comes tells us that the general feeling amongst newly engaged couples is that it’s too late to book for 2022 and they should only be looking for dates in 2023.

Well the good news is that in our case, they’re wrong!  Harefield Barn was just at the end of its first season when the pandemic hit, so unlike more established venues, our future dates were not so booked up.  As a result, we were delighted to be able to move virtually all of our weddings from 2020 into 2021, so we still have some fabulous key dates available for this year.

To celebrate this fact, we are offering every couple who reserve a date for any remaining weekend in 2022 £1,000 off the hire price! (For new bookings only).  For new mid-week bookings, we are offering a free toast drink for you and all your wedding breakfast guests (worth up to £500) Just think how far that would go towards other expenses for your day?

“But what about other suppliers?”, I hear you ask.  I absolutely understand your concerns, but with our truly flexible policy of allowing you to choose any supplier you wish, there are sure to be some great options still available to you, and we’d be delighted to help you with a list of recommendations to help you find ones you love.

If you’d like to visit Harefield Barn to see how it could work for your day, then do get in touch and we’ll get the kettle on and our special shortbread biscuits in the oven!

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