Jack and Livy - July 2019

    Jack and Livy walking in the wheat field

    Jack and Livy held their joyous wedding breakfast and party here at Harefield Barn following their marriage at St Leonard's Church in Exeter. A brilliant feast was followed by a very energetic ceilidh, and they even rode away through a sparkling send off on their push bikes!

    This film of their day shows what a lovely happy family occasion it was from start to finish.  Apparently, this is the first wedding film produced by Paul Parsons - well all I can say is I think he's found his calling!


    Rachael and Dan

    I think after a week back to normality with work and school runs we have finally floated back down to earth from our wonderful wedding. From the set up on the Friday to landing back from our honeymoon, we never stopped smiling. So many people who came to our day expressed how much fun they had and what a fab venue Harefield is; the word is being spread far and wide! We never doubted your vision and reaped all the rewards of the finished product. I took a moment to just pause and take in the sight of our friends and family with smiley faces, happily tucking in to food, drink in hand and flowing in out and around the barn just as we wanted. You and Robert both worked so hard across the whole weekend to keep things running smoothly and we are so grateful as our memories of our day is just one of pure happiness, love and joy.