How a wedding planner can help you.

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You’re engaged and it’s time to start planning your big day, the excitement is real. If you’re beginning your wedding planning journey and you’re in the middle of writing your wedding to-do-list, chances are things are already getting a little overwhelming. Especially when you realise just how much you’ve got to tick off! Cue a wedding planner, AKA your new best friend! As a wedding planner in Devon, I’ve had the pleasure of working with an array of loved-up couples to bring their dreams to life. But if you’re wondering if you actually need one, I suggest you keep scrolling to discover what a valuable asset we can be…


Time Savers

One of the biggest reasons to hire a wedding planner is that we save you time – and a LOT of it. Planning a wedding is extremely time consuming, and when you are trying to crack on with day-to-day life, the smaller parts of your celebration planning may end up falling to the wayside. Unanswered RSPVs? Supplier contracts? Let your planner deal with that, while you sit back and enjoy your romantic engagement bubble! 

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Budget Maintenance

One of the most important things you can do when you get engaged is to set your budget (and then try to stay within it). As your wedding planner, I’m there to help guide you to set a realistic budget that still ensures you have everything you ever wished for, as well as being clear about how much everything will cost. Wedding planners have endless experience with every type of event size, so we can offer expert advice on what is achievable within your budget. It’s a win, win! 


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Wedding Venue Search

The venue is usually the first port of call for any wedding, it sets the tone for the whole day and allows you to book your wedding date. As your Devon wedding planner, I’ll listen to your requirements for your guest list, budget and general vibe, where I can then help you on your wedding venue search. I can also come along to any viewings with you, offering further inspiration for styling ideas and layout options. Having someone to bounce ideas off is incredibly helpful and can help refine your wedding inspiration. 


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Planning Support

There’s no doubt about it. Planning a wedding is hugely stressful, which is why you’ll have the support of your wedding planner from day one. From the stationery to the styling, the logistics and the finer details, I’ll whip you up a detailed plan that is totally tailored to you. You’ll have a seamless planning experience without a worry in the world. 



Back-Up Plan

A wedding planner is there on the day to make sure everything runs without a hitch, with back-up plans for everything so that all eventualities are taken care of swiftly and discreetly. From suppliers arriving to the timings of the day, there will be a LOT going on, but your only job is to wake up and pop the champagne with the confidence it will be the best day ever! 

Your wedding planning journey should be one to remember – for all the right reasons. With the aim of creating the most beautiful celebration of your life, a wedding planner is on hand every step of the way. Here at Hyland Weddings, I adore working collaboratively with couples to flawlessly plan your special day. If you’d like to find out more, drop me a note and let’s get planning! 

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