Food .... What Food?

Choosing food for your wedding celebrations can be a complete nightmare!  There are so many choices out there from the simplest of snacks to full blown fine dining.  The great thing is that these days, anything goes!

Here at Harefield Barn we don't pin you down to any specific caterers or suppliers, leaving that choice completely up to you, but here are a few tips to help you make that all important decision.....

Eat what you like!

This is your day!  You have planned and worked hard for this moment and so this is the one time when you should really be brave enough to please yourselves.  Don't worry too much that certain people won't like certain types of food - after all trying something new can be a lovely surprise and remember your guests are all there to enjoy your day with you - PS  - you're also paying for it!

DIY or a professional Company?

Tempting though it is to think you can cater for yourselves, or that 'Aunty Flossy and her sisters' who used to feed loads of people at PTA events, can do your food, as it so easily ends in tears!  Professional catering companies have the knowledge and experience to make sure your day runs without a hitch.  Do makes sure, however, that you do your research before you book.  Most are happy to invite you along to tasting sessions or better still, there is nothing like recommendation from those you trust.  It also means that all the 'clear up' is taken care of and you don't need to worry about sorting out the mess afterwards, or find yourself landed with additional cleaning charges.  Your catering costs will also be a great deal more transparent - DIY might be seen as a cheaper option, but you can be sure there will be loads of extras along the way that you might not have thought of.

When and how much?

How much and how often you need to 'feed' your guests is also a tricky one.  If you have a 'lunchtime' ceremony and then additional guests in the evening, you might find yourself having to budget for two separate meals.  It's also quite easy to find yourself in the position of feeling that another round of food is being presented, when most of the guests seem to have only just finished the first lot! Alternatively, and depending on your numbers, you could opt for a later ceremony and invite everyone at once, so that this doesn't happen.  

What and Where?

The phrase 'anything goes' springs to mind again!  Gone are the days when a sit down three course meal was the only thing considered appropriate.  Of course, for some weddings this is still the perfect option, but remember there are plenty of choices on offer - Barbecues, sharing platters, street food, buffet, inside, outside - everything is possible.

And for the little ones?

Talk to your caterers about what they can offer for children.  After all, it seems a little daft to spend out on a fancy three course meal when they would actually much prefer some carrot sticks and a cheese sandwich!   A little picnic box of easy finger foods and a small (preferably quiet!) toy or game to keep them occupied is always a good option.  After all, it's a very long time to expect them to sit and watch adults eat and then listen to some of them stand up and talk for ages!

Whatever you decide, have fun thinking about different options, and bear in mind your guests will just be delighted to have been invited to share your joy.  It's all too easy to let the costs run away with you by wanting to appear generous, but the food is most unlikely to be the most important thing remembered about your wedding day!



Jack and Livy - July 2019

We got married here in July 2019 and it was amazing!! Such a gorgeous place, the building is perfectly fit for purpose (big space, plenty of different rooms, bar, caterers kitchen and lovely outdoor terrace). Deborah went above and beyond to answer our questions, provide what we needed and was around to offer help during set up and on the day itself, even helping set down - we were so impressed with how helpfully involved she was! On top of all of this, the venue has stunning views in all directions!

Jack & Livy