Flexibility's The Name of the Game!

    Layout for 15 in Main Hall
    Layout for 15 in Bar

    When we designed Harefield Barn, we tried to make sure that it was really flexible, allowing it to be used for as many different occasions as possible.  This means that although we have the space to accommodate large weddings and gatherings, we can also successfully host much smaller events.

    With numbers currently restricted, we have turned into furniture movers today to try out different layouts for more intimate gatherings using some of the furniture that’s included in your hire.

    We have plenty of 5’6” round tables which are suitable for up to 5 guests socially distanced (or more if the group are from the same ‘bubble’), and also 3 ‘ round tables, ideal for 2 people.

    Today we have been using our 6 ft and 4 ft trestles to look at ideas for seating the current maximum of 15 guests.  There is plenty of room to use one of these layouts either in the Main Hall, or in the Bar where the log burner can be lit for an especially cozy atmosphere during the winter months.

    We have also been setting out a few ideas for Ceremonies for 15, both in the Main Hall and The Tallet.

    We have included some photos of what we came up with today, but as always, with flexibility the name of the game, you can create a real mixture of shapes and sizes to suit your guest numbers and style of your day. With more and more couples enquiring about small ceremonies, we’re looking forward to seeing their ideas come to life.

    Layout for 15 in the Bar


    Layout for 15 in the BarLayout for 15 in BarLayout for 15 in Main HallLayout for 15 in Main HallLayout for 15 in Main HallLayout for 15 in Main HallLayout for 15 in BarLayout for 15 in Main HallCeremony for 15 in The TalletCeremony for 15 in the Main Hall


    Lindsey & Owen - August 2020

    Firstly, I would like to say a massive thank-you for helping to make our day so special. I have often heard people say that their wedding day was the best day of their lives and never previously paid any attention. How right they are! Our day was so unbelievably special and you helped us achieve our dream.

    Lindsey & Owen