A Face that only a Mother could love?!

    Pigeon squabs on their nest
    Pigeon squabs on their nest

    Earlier in the Spring, a pair of amorous pigeons were scouting around for a nesting site in the garden.  I understand that they mate for life, and in the past they have managed to create their nest, which often looks more like a ramshackle heap of sticks, on the top of a pergola amongst a purple wisteria.  This year, however Robert had given it a bit more of a thorough pruning, so they decided it was no longer suitable.

    Their next choice was in a pear tree growing against a wall, but they were knocking off so many leaves and baby pears that I decided they should be firmly 'discouraged'!  For a while, I didn't notice where they went, but Holly the dog soon let me know.  This year, the nest looks slightly less precarious (it even looks more like a nest!) on top of the fence under the white wisteria that looked so fabulous earlier in the year.  And it certainly looks like it needed to be strong with these two chubby little squabs (baby pigeons), and even Mum and Dad before I got a bit too close with the camera.  

    I think anyone would struggle to say they're beautiful, but I'm hoping that they work out how to fly pretty quickly, or there might be a little terrier thinking that attractive or not, they'd make a nice tasty treat!

    Jack and Livy - July 2019

    We got married here in July 2019 and it was amazing!! Such a gorgeous place, the building is perfectly fit for purpose (big space, plenty of different rooms, bar, caterers kitchen and lovely outdoor terrace). Deborah went above and beyond to answer our questions, provide what we needed and was around to offer help during set up and on the day itself, even helping set down - we were so impressed with how helpfully involved she was! On top of all of this, the venue has stunning views in all directions!

    Jack & Livy