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6 Reasons Why a Short Engagement Could Be Your Perfect Fit

Once he’s popped the question, it’s time to start planning the wedding. While some couples might choose to wait until something more important to them is sorted, others see engagement as a short road to marriage. There are plenty of reasons to have a long engagement, be it waiting to buy a house, saving money for the wedding itself or find that new job. But there are equally plenty of reasons to have a short engagement and get going with the wedding plans.

Just why are you getting married?

Possibly the most important reason of all – a shorter engagement means that the focus tends to be on the marriage itself, and not all the stuff surrounding it. Less time to plan means keeping it simple and focusing on your happily ever after and your commitment to each other.

Newly married couple hugging with bride looking blissfully happy
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Less time obsessing with a short engagement

A shorter engagement means the excitement of the engagement itself is still new, and often the ‘glow’ carries you throughout the entire planning process and all the way to the big day. The shorter your engagement, the less time you have to obsess over every little detail and decision for your wedding. Even the most organised brides can have a painstaking process when they’re planning their own wedding and can become unsure of themselves. They can also spend too long worrying about getting fit for the big day, whether or not they chose the right dress or venue and long engagements can even lead to cold feet, which are completely normal but not something you need.

Your guest list won’t keep changing

Our modern lives are busy ones filled with changes in jobs, hobbies, and even the cities or countries in which we live. Along with those changes come new sets of friends. With a short engagement, your list of who you would like to surround yourself with on your wedding day is less likely to change over the course of the engagement. Similar to the details, the longer your engagement is, the more time you’ll inevitably spend pouring over your guest list. Not to mention how much longer you’ll spend discussing, or rather arguing with your families over who should and shouldn’t be on the guest list. Even if you convince yourself to finish it as soon as possible (or decide not to touch it until a certain time), you’re going to end up obsessing over who makes the cut. A short engagement ensures that you have a limited time to decide who’s going to be on the list.

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Your wedding won’t take over for too long

Everyone knows that the wedding planning process takes over your life for the amount of time it actually takes to plan the wedding and there isn’t a whole lot you can do about that. However, it’s important to remember that the shorter the engagement, the less time your life will be taken over with wedding plans and ideas, vendor meetings and budget crunching.

You won’t drown in inspiration

We love looking at Pinterest and Instagram for wedding inspiration as much as the next bride-to-be, but sometimes too many options can weigh you down. When you’re looking for which theme, colour and dress style is the right one for you and your wedding, you can get a bit dizzy with all the options you have. With a short engagement, you’re under pressure to keep your mind focused and practical. This will stop you from aimlessly looking at one too many options for your stationery.

Table plan made of hanging circular chalk boards with wooden crates.

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You’ll be married sooner

You’re in a serious, long-term relationship, and the love of your life just popped the question. So why wait? The whole point of getting engaged is the part where you get married so you might be eager to do just that as soon as possible, rather than go through the whole drawn out process of planning the wedding for the next year or more. What more could you want?

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