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Having looked at all the alternatives available, my latest mission for Robert was the creation of a hand sanitising station to stand in the porch, and this is the result!

I chose and bought a wall mounted ‘gizmo’ and then it was just a case of working out the right location to fix it. It seemed sensible to be able to move it to where it was needed, so we decided on a free-standing unit.

A rummage in the woodpile, turned up this rather beautiful well worn piece of wood lurking at the back.  After a good steam clean and dry, hidden under the thick layer of dust was an old railway sleeper, probably of red oak, and most likely over 100 yers old. In spite of its age, it’s still rock hard, so attaching other oak and walnut remnants to create a frame for the base turned into a bit of a nightmare.  However, two wrecked drill bits and a coat of wood treatmemt later, Robert’s mission was complete!

The result, I hope you’ll agree, is rather fun; practical as well as beautiful in its own way.  It might not be quite as swish as some of the ones you can buy, but we decided it was much more ‘Harefield’.  I don’t think it would be fair to call it mobile, as in true farming style, it weighs a tonne, but it IS moveable, (as long as there are two burley volunteers around)!

And when the day comes (which we all hope won’t be too long) that a ‘hand sanitising station’ is a thing of the past, I have another idea to up-cycle this already recycled project. I spotted a lovely hand-made hook hanging on the side of Sam’s forge which could be fixed to the sleeper in place of the sanitiser unit –  perfect for hanging a welcome board or flower spray (not that I’ve even asked him yet!?)

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