The Big ‘Little People’ Decision!

Appealing or appalling?  Should children be invited to your wedding?









This is one of the biggest dilemmas you might be faced with when sorting out your guest list.  As always, there are two sides to every debate and this is one of the decisions only you can make.  Whatever happens, as I say to so many couples – you’re never going to please all of the people all of the time!

The ‘Cute’ Factor

There is little doubt that a gorgeous little flower girl or page boy can be utterly adorable.  Scattering petals or bearing rings, their entrance often brings a chorus of ‘aaaahs’ and they make for some fabulous photos.

However, they don’t look quite so ‘cute’ when puffy eyed and crying, they refuse all attempts to lead the wedding party  into the ceremony, and later run around screaming at the most inappropriate moments!

To some people, having the whole extended family together to celebrate is key to their day, particularly if they have children of their own.  Grandparents and great grandparents enjoy watching the youngsters play, and some of the greatest mid ceremony comments come straight ‘from the mouths of babes’!

There are, of course an equal number who hold a totally different opinion, feeling that a wedding can be a wholly inappropriate place for young children, and they would much rather enjoy the day child free.

So should we invite them or not? There are two ways to go…

Embrace the chaos!

If you decide to invite all the children, it might be worth thinking about carrying out some of these simple ideas.

  • Keep them occupied – Why not create a ‘toy’ area where they can play, or you may even consider employing a children’s entertainer just for them.
  • Think about your timings – Adults are very happy to adjust ‘normal’ mealtimes on wedding days, but it’s not quite so easy for children.  If your timings mean an  unusual meal time, why not think about having a separate sitting for the children.
  • Busy days and late nights – Weddings usually make for very long and exciting days, so it’s likely you’ll end up with some very sleepy little people!  If at all possible, find a corner where they can snuggle down with a pillow and blanket – you’ll be amazed what they can sleep through!

Or Adults only!

If you decide that you will keep your wedding an all adult affair, you might find some people don’t quite understand your decision.  However, you will also have a lot of parents who will be absolutely delighted, as they will be able to enjoy a children free day without worrying about their little ones.

A slight word of caution – do check that none of your guests have babies still being breastfed, as you may feel it appropriate to make an exception in their case.

There is really no right and wrong when it comes to children at weddings; just remember – it’s your wedding, so you must do your day, your way!

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