A Picture Tells a Thousand Words!

    Bride and groom in meadow

    Owning and managing a venue is such a privilege!  We get to share in a day which has been planned and prepared for often years in advance, and you can be certain, that’s it’s extremely rare for things to go exactly according to that plan.

    It is fabulous to be part of that journey, and is often topped off with the couple sharing their whole file of wedding photos with us.  I have just spent some lovely time looking back over the shots taken by https://www.mimosaphotography.uk from James and Chantal’s wedding a year ago, and in doing so, I remember all those little things that made their day special and different.

    James and Chantal had booked to have their wedding at Harefield Barn after visiting our first open day back in January 2018, and they could not have been any more lucky with the weather on the big day.  Like this year, early mist was replaced by stunning blue skies and the party was able to carry on outside all evening.  It was not without dramas however.  The first was when the flowers were delivered to the Barn, weren't the pink roses Chantal expected, but  peach ones instead.  Thankfully, I was able to make an emergency call to one of our great local florists http://divineflowers.org , and Donna came to the rescue with replacement white buttonholes so they didn’t clash with the groomsmen’s ties.  Pink roses were hastily purchased from the local supermarket and Chantal’s bride tribe set about replacing the roses in the bouquets as if there had never been an issue.

    James and Chantal had also chosen a five tier cake which had to be assembled on the day.  At the last minute, we realised that the bridesmaid who was given this task wasn’t going to have time to decorate the cake and get ready herself, so, with a little bit of cake decorating experience in the past, I stepped in, and much to my relief, Chantal loved the result!

    Any wedding planner or venue manager would tell you that most weddings have the odd mishap, and I would say that my greatest achievement is when any problems are sorted out behind the scenes without anyone being aware.  This is especially important for the bride and groom, as I consider it to be our job to make sure they have a day that is as stress free as possible to share with their family and friends.

    Looking back at these photographs brings back all those memories, and being able to see ALL the photos from a day reminds me of all those unscripted moments and an atmosphere which can’t be recreated with more formal groups.

    Chantal and James have been kind enough to let me share even the most candid ones of their day here - I hope you enjoy them as much as I have!

    Making up in the Leveret Suite






    Even with loads of mirrors in The Leveret Suite, space is at a premium when you have seven bridesmaids!















    Little girl in bridesmaids dress











    Look at my pretty new dress!











    Tired little girl








    "OK - had enough now - can I have a snooze?"













    Girls practising lining up for their entrance







    OK girls - we've got this!





    I won't tell Mum if you don't














    "I won't tell Mum if you don't!"









    Mines a beer












     "Mine's a pint!"












    My tongues longer than yours!















    "My tongues longer than your tongue!"











    Get off my dress
















    Mind the dress!





    Some shots don't go according to plan


















    Tug of warAnd the girls win - of course



















    And the girls win..... of course!


    Let's get this party started









    "Let's get this party started!"


    Evening wine














    Mmmm... I make that 8 bottles!








     And they lived happily ever after......................

    Love is!


    Cristina and Mike - June 2019

    Had our wedding on Saturday and it was perfect! Harefield is such a beautiful place and everyone said how wonderful the views were and how it was the most relaxed wedding they’d ever been too!! Deborah and Robert were wonderful all day, so calm and made our day run perfectly!!! 

    They couldn’t have done enough for us - we both highly recommend Harefield for your wedding!!

    Cristina and Mike